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The Replica Cartier Roadster watch is also available

This Maxi Marine Chronograph's 41mm stainless steel case houses the Caliber UN-35 equipped with an exclusive 45- minute register. It was one of the Replica Breitling Avenger first chronograph models to feature a date disk (at 9:00). For a movement to be this incredibly precise, it requires more than 230 components, a lightened and miniaturized hairspring and escapement mechanism (26% smaller in diameter than an ordinary balance wheel), and, finally, no fewer than 3 exclusive worldwide patents: 1. The Replica Cartier Tank watch is available on a bracelet or rubber/titanium strap and with various dial combinations. Offered in 18K rose gold. . In the late 1950s, Heuer began to refer to the Master Time clock and Monte Carlo stopwatch as the "Rally-Master" pair. Bi-directional crown and rewind system: The single crown controls the automatic watch and the mechanical chronograph, as well as the Replica IWC Portuguese watch's hour and date setting.In 1933 Heuer began offering the Time of Day Clock called the "Hervue" and Twelve-Hour Timer called the "Autavia" mounted together on a double back-plate.

At BaselWorld 2006, privileged collectors looking for the most accurate mechanical timepiece ever made had their first glimpse of the Replica IWC Pilot Carrera Calibre 360 Rose Gold, in a special limited edition of only 500 pieces. Private collection of Tag Heuer museum. The Calibre 360 beats 10 times faster than the most precise mechanical wristwatch movements on the market today.

When turned counter-clockwise, it rewinds the automatic watch; when turned clockwise, it rewinds the manual chronograph; 3. TAG HEUER 2006: THE CARRERA CALIBRE 360 ROSE GOLD LIMITED EDITION (500 PIECES) At BaselWorld 2005, TAG Heuer presented the Calibre 360 Concept Chronograph, the first mechanical wrist-worn chronograph to measure and display time to 1/100th of a second.TAG Heuer introduced a new premium collection of sophisticated artificial fur fabric wholesale timepieces inspired by the spirit of modern GT cars.TAG Heuer introduced the next evolutionary phase of its 1/100th of a second chronograph technology: the Replica Cartier Pasha Monaco Calibre 360 LS (Linear Second) Concept Chronograph, a daring new timepiece with an all-new architecture proudly exposing the unparalleled Calibre 360 LS precision technology within. Previously, the date had been indicated by a hand. This model revolutionized timing, notably in Olympic sprint competitions and technical research. Private collection of Tag Heuer museum. 356-66-3/319 Crafted in 18K rose gold or stainless steel, the Maxi Marine Chronograph's 41mm case houses the Caliber UN-35 equipped with an exclusive 45-minute register. Launched worldwide in 2008.

The Replica Cartier Roadster watch is also available on a bracelet or strap, and with various dial combinations. The Micrograph, the world's first stopwatch accurate to 1/100th of a second, was patented in 1916. It is like being endowed with two hearts—2 sets of escapement mechanisms are allowed to cruise at a regular speed (28,800 oscillations/hour) under normal conditions then accelerate to immense speed (360,000 oscillations/hour) in chronograph mode. After the launch of the Carrera series in 1964, Jack Heuer created the Carrera Dato 45 in 1965. Private collection of Tag Heuer museum. The watch is also available on a bracelet or rubber-and-gold strap, and with various dial combinations.

Amongst its many premium features is the ingenious Rotating System, which makes it possible to replace conventional hands by a disk displaying functional information even more clearly on the dial and which enable the user to read small seconds and chronograph time effortlessly, intuitively and instantaneously.

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He also has been supplying some club members

The patient has to make an informed choice and in this case I can to carry out my responsibility of informing her even if it doesn’t go well with my superior. One of them is from a young woman who has been ringing throughout the night for very inconsequential requests. He then can reschedule the ones that he will not be in a position to attend to for another day. The other one is a very poorly lady that is dying. In this case Derrick will not be in a position of fully explaining to each one of them the risks of the operations due to time factor. On this Monday there are ten men who are all scheduled to have Vasectomies carried out. Nurses also have to respect patient’s informed choices made in relation to their healthcare.

The sister has an emergency call in another ward while the nurse on staff is having a break in the canteen. What do you do? Resolution I would report the matter to my boss’s superiors but not tell the club members anything. You are just in the middle of putting a patient on a bedpan when three bells go off at ago. Through this he would be suspended and club members protected. (Pattison, 2004) Rationing /allocation of resources You work on a night shift in a very busy ward. The standard hearing aid costs ₤50. He has to ensure that the ones he will attend to get full explanation about the procedure and the possible risks of their operations.

What should he do? Resolution In this case, Derrick has the responsibility of fully informing the patients about the risks of the operations. Being the only member of staff on duty, you have a busy schedule. This will mean that I first of all leave the one I was putting to bedpan and inform him or her I have an emergency and would be back soon. Risk assessment /best interests of the client/confidentiality You have working with youth club in relation to anti drugs campaign. He says that if he gets suspended the club would end up closing and members would be back on streets. He should not allow any of the men to go on for the operation without this essential information. Richard has reported though he is quite unwell. In case it is impossible to get another qualified person to assist, he should explain the matter to the patients. This is also important in recycled faux fur fabric Suppliers health and social care. There are various values that underpin social and health care. I would request his superiors to investigate the issue and not link me to it when they get their results. Do you give the patient the choice or follow orders from your superior? Resolution I would go ahead and inform the lady about the product because this is what the values of this profession stipulate. The essence of them taking a step with all the information required. The next I would consider is the patient who never ‘bothers’.He works with Richard who is responsible for letting patients sign their operation consent forms and also informing them more about their operations. Reference Bridgit, C. (1996): The code of practice in Nursing and social care.

Harvard Press Johnstone, M. Your boss is highly known among the youth and even works overtime. All these lead to a healthy working environment and society. You have no proof in this matter. He knows of your past life in taking drugs and when you comment on the issue he threatens to tell the club members about this issue. Who do you attend to first? Resolution With such a case, I would attend to the very poorly lady that is dying and try to do as much as I can to save her life. He also has been supplying some club members. Code of practice in this profession involves making ethical decisions and safe practices. (Pattison, 2004) Conclusion Induction process is paramount in every organisation. The entire budget is really overstretched and many younger people would be advantaged to use it. (Quinn, 2006) Information and informed choice/ rationing and allocation of resources Being a member of sensory loss and disability team you come across a 92 year old lady whose hearing loss has been deteriorating gradually. There is a revolutionary new product in the sensory loss team that enhances elderly people’s hearing. Through gossip you discover that the boss has been taking speed. The other call is from a patient that never bothers that never bothers the nurses but is stable. He can ask for assistance from another nurse so that all the patients are fully informed. Instructions have been given by your superior that nobody should be informed about the aid because they are quite limited. The one that keeps on asking for trivial requests can be ignored until attend to all the other three. This gadget costs ₤ 4000. They include confidentiality with information got in line of duty

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Iranian President Hassan Rouhani was in Pakistan

In today’s world, in today’s Pakistan, Nawaz is eyeing a decade-long continuous stretch in power.Rewind to last March.Maybe it’s impossible to create a water-tight rule — presumably Arab rulers and determined family empire-builders know how to run circles around any law — but the existence of a rule would create its own jeopardy.By arrangement with Dawn.And if change doesn’t come, Nawaz and Raheel should thank us — for letting them get away with it.But that matters a little less now because there’s the obvious conspiracy theory: Raheel’s diplomatic faux pas — a mistake compounded by having the ISPR make it public — was designed to push the Iranians away to please the Saudis.But why was it such a close matter to begin with? Because Nawaz was in power and because the Saudis had given him a home in exile?Or because Nawaz was in power and Nawaz had been given a billion and a half dollars no questions asked a year earlier to shore up his government/the economy?Seemingly every year now brings a fresh case of conflict of interest between a Pakistani high official and an Arab state.There was even wild, woolly talk of finally getting the Iran-Pakistan pipeline moving.But we may all end up saying thank you one last time to the chief because he may have done us a favour.Rewind to April 2015. Fifteen in Punjab.The game has changed and the rules must too.Slowing that down is possible. And it’s not about enriching yourself through a shady deal or two — those are older than the republic. Pakistan said no to sending troops to Yemen and a potentially tragic foreign quagmire was avoided. Sheikhs and potentates will have offers aplenty for the Sharif business empire.

There’s zero reason to believe Raheel was motivated by anything other than the profound need to urgently share with the Iranian President his concern over Indian meddling in the region. The ISPR put out a couple of sentences effectively claiming that Raheel had rebuked Rouhani for allowing India to use Iranian territory to destabilise Balochistan.If after that, employment is still sought, the need for governmental and perhaps even parliamentary approval can be mandated.No more business with foreign rulers — and off with your (political) head if you’re caught in this age of leaks.Plus, exile was more than 15 years ago and Nawaz’s return to Pakistan is almost a decade old. What matters now is that a perception has been created. It’s not his fault that he was sent into exile and forced to spread the family business empire abroad.Until this week, that is. In the Raheel variation, the counter measure would be relatively straightforward: a ban on serving a foreign power for at least two years after leaving office, and preferably longer.

But why are we even in this place to begin with?Turn to Nawaz. But it’s not our fault that he chose to get into business with seemingly every damn royal family he and his family have ever had the luck of being in touch with.If change does happen, we should thank Nawaz and Raheel — it usually takes an exploitative sort to compel change.An ordinary decision for ordinary reasons by an ordinary man, who until recently was cheered by many as extraordinary. It’s been creeping up on us for a while, but Nawaz Sharif and Raheel have now helped make it public.Pakistan has a foreign problem.In the Nawaz variation, the counter-measure would be significantly more complicated — but political pressure is a wonderful thing.Likely, the Raheel move won’t further complicate ties with Iran — we have kept Iran at an arm’s length anyway and Iran hasn’t exactly been convinced that a great breakthrough is imminent. Rouhani didn’t even wait to get back to Tehran to react, rejecting the ISPR claim while still in Islamabad.It’s not about personal relations with foreign governments — those are as old as the republic. But then something spectacular happened. Nawaz, Prime Minister or not, will always be an honoured guest in several Arab states.It matters not how utterly untrue that may be.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani was in Pakistan and, after the Iran-US nuclear deal and lifting of some Western sanctions, there was hope that maybe Pakistan too would seek an opening. But between Nawaz’s Qatari prince and now Raheel’s Saudi benefactor, we’re seeing something that we shouldn’t:Doing business here — where state and individual are distinct, or at least should be — along lines that the Arabs do business there, where the line between state and individuals is deliberately blurred or non-existent.Instantly, the air was sucked out of the trip.What they, the foreigners, do, they will do; what we, Pakistanis, can accept is for us to decide.It was hard to see the point to Raheel’s undiplomatic diplomacy back then and the best anyone has been able to come up with since is that it was an example of why diplomacy should be left to the diplomats.Well, knock us over with a feather and tickle us all over — Raheel Sharif is going to do what? And for whom?And why, exactly?Once the hybrid injection molding machine Factory appointment fandango dies down and the hysterical conspiracy theories dissipate, we’ll probably be left with a whole bunch of ordinary

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Perhaps this is why giving out tulsi seeds

A personal message written by her explained the contents in the box: “Honey from Uttrakhand, cinnamon from Cochin, homemade almond oil, walnuts from Jammu and traditional bath powder personally crafted from green gram by her cousin, tulsi, neem, turmeric, a face pack of rose petals and orange peels, along with homemade chocolates from Ooty. They send e-cards to their guests instead. We have made wedding cards which double up as photo frames so it doesn’t need to be discarded. The invite came rolled up with a piece of string and the message was printed on handmade papers imbedded with tulsi, parijat and cotton seeds.The brilliant idea came from Niharika’s uncle, Dr K.Producer Ashwini Dutt’s daughter, Priyanka Dutt, who got married a few years ago, also opted to send out organic baskets as wedding gifts. Guests can keep the plant as a memory of the wedding. When lord Vishnu was courting Ganga, Saraswati got jealous and brought her to the ground..So when Niharika and Abhinav decided to get married, their parents pleasantly surprised the guests with a unique invitation.

The paper is handmade by the sisters and mothers of the farmers, thereby providing employment to many.”Notably, a gifting store in the city, which uses only handmade paper, has also dabbled in this area. Deckle Edge also includes seed-embedded papers for a few wedding invites and people are loving the idea. Priyanka had come across these products during her travels. Organic honey is healthy, sweet and can be used any time without the fear of it getting spoilt,” shares Dr Venkatesham. Instead of just chucking the card into the bin, it could be planted in moist soil and watered regularly to give life to the young seeds. In Hinduism, legend is that Tulsi is the manifestation of goddess Laxmi. So this is a smart solution for it,” says Renu Rao, the owner of Deckle Edge. Anju Poddar, who has authored the book A Wedding in the House: Ceremonies Relating to Weddings & Childbirth, explains, “Scientifically, Tulsi is very powerful since it makes the soil fertile, has great anti-oxidant properties and since it has high levels of mercury content, it is placed in the aangan of a house so if there is lighting around the house, the plant will attract it towards it and will prevent it from striking the house. There is often a question about how to discard the cards appropriately because usually there’s an image of Ganesha on it and it may be disrespectful to throw it away. Once the pencil is sharpened to the very end, instead of just throwing the rest away, one can go zero waste by just planting what’s left in the soil and make the world a greener place. My travels have changed my perspective, so I wanted to start somewhere and my wedding was a chance to give people a taste and smell of organic things.The organic wedding card of Niharika and Abhinav’s wedding. It’s crazy how we’re taking the earth for granted.

The artists who created the special paper with seeds are Lalit Vikamshi and Shweta Bhattad. Modern-day brides and grooms are approaching marriage customs with a more eco-friendly outlook and opting for innovative and useful wedding cards.In an age where the magnificence of big fat Indian weddings are foretold by elaborate wedding cards, a budding trend — defying all stereotypes — is on the rise..”Mallika of wedding planning company Pandoras says, “People these days are increasingly turning towards a no-wastage policy, even for weddings. Thus, Tulsi signifies Goddess Laxmi. Venkatesham, Police Commissioner of Nagpur and his wife Mamatha. Explaining the initiative, Lalit says, “This is a part of the Gram Art Project that we have started. There was a terrarium, an organic chocolate fudge and an almond and date fudge that people seemed to enjoy,” says Anam, adding that she has also received a wedding invitation along with a bag of seeds in the recent times. People are also gifting our pencils which have a seed embedded at the very end of the body. It’s about cutting down on waste and contributing to a cause that will actually make a difference in the long run.”Lalit Vikamshi creates special paper with seeds.Actress Samantha Ruth Prabhu has also been championing for the cause of handlooms and as a part of the Woven Fashion Show 2017, Anam Mirza’s event company, The Businesswalas, curated invitation boxes filled with organic goodies.”However, Rajiv Lulla, Founder and CEO of Capricon Gifting Solutions, says that it is not just in weddings that a green transformation is taking place.

Laxmi went to the rescue of Ganga, only to get cursed by Saraswati that she would be born on earth as a plant. A beautifully crafted box contained organic products that were close to her heart. It’s a good omen to give sweets to people but we cannot really do so since some many may be having diabetes or some others may be watching their weight. Then, lord Vishnu lifted the curse, and said that while Laxmi need not be bound to the ground, a part of her will remain in a Tulsi plant. “We offer pencils that are 100 per cent biodegradable and non-toxic.”On asking why she chose these products, Priyanka says, “I wanted to give some pure things that I came across in my life while travelling. Perhaps this is why giving out tulsi seeds, be it embedded into a paper or on a bag, is a popular gifting choice these days.On her Instagram account Samantha posted the picture of the invitation box of Woven Fashion Show 2017 filled with organic goodies sent out to guests.”. I have had customers who have calculated the amount of money it costs to print and send out wedding cards and they’re donating that money to a cause that’s dear to them. “Since it was a handloom event, we gave small notebooks with a handloom fabric on the cover. Along with the card, we also gave organic honey. It aims to work on various issues related to rural India, mainly focusing on art activities, working with the community, issues related to women, farmer exchange programmes and water. The outer covering is recycled from old newspapers.She adds, “Another way that people are trying to Orange chamois lamb faux fur fabric avoid wastage is by making wedding cards that can be upcycled.When it comes to the tulsi plant or its seeds, it’s considered extremely auspicious. Cumin, mustard, fenugreek, basil, tomato, chilli and fennel seeds are embedded in the pencils,” he says. “We came across this artist who was working on this seed-imbedded paper, and we thought it would be a great idea for a wedding card. “People are increasingly getting conscious about the planet and it is great to see that getting translated into weddings. This is the second wedding order that we are catering to and the seeds are bought directly from the farmers and have more than 90 per cent success rate

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No, Sirs, the ladies you brazenly insulted and assaulted

Yes, there will be a spate of false accusations and even blatant lies, with many innocents being forced to defend themselves against false charges.There are many other serial offenders in the media and they will have to face enquiries. It is time for new beginnings. He can challenge the details of a few accounts of harassment — but even the mighty Akbar, with his power of words, may run out of justifications soon. Some of the old geezers in media who have been accused by far junior female colleagues of repeated violations are hiding behind the old excuse, “Can she prove the charges?” And they are right in feeling smug and safe on this score. Those of us who monitored the shenanigans over decades were aware of what was going on. Some of them are married. It’s do or die, this time. But the process of examining the toxicity within our society must not be pushed aside because of a few missteps. More names are expected to surface in the coming days. How lopsided is that?In the case of prime example M. Why should Akbar’s case be treated differently? His 97 lawyers too must have advised him to go on the offensive and intimidate the women into silence. They can clear their names eventually. Akbar the issue gets murkier. It’s time to tell it like it is, and not participate in the massive cover up, generally led and sustained by powerful men. The same goes for Bollywood and its reporters, who exist in a unique media space, outside the mainstream. Senior female journalists have sensibly decided to fight him together. Some are with habitual offenders even today, putting up with their partner’s bad behaviour with other women.

This is a major first, so let’s not devalue its potential and impact. Simply because you were up to your nasty tricks in a dinosaur era — no smartphones, no sexting and no social media.J.J.J. But it is only now that society is sitting up and paying attention. As they should. There are any number of wounded and emotionally damaged female top stars who have been subjected to the worst kind of brutality. Which intelligent editor would make such a faux pas and incriminate himself? That leaves victims in a spot, with just their credibility to protect them. Now that Black sheared fur faux fur fabricMeToo has caught on and the conflagration has turned into a prairie fire, those singed by it are busy applying Burnol on the exposed portions, while others are running for cover. Akbar grapples with his personal Siege Within, and Subhash Ghai taps a new Taal, women across India stand united in this war.

A big fat defamation case has been filed against Priya Ramani, the first woman to set the ball rolling. I am glad it has. Yes, the kangaroo courts that have sprung up across India have summarily tried and convicted many without a shred of evidence to support the charges. An anathema, even. No photos. Some have teenage children.As M. No screen shots, no video grabs, no recorded phone calls. Whether it is an M. As of now Subhash Ghai from the older big league has been named, and he has of course, denied all wrongdoing. Akbar or a Subhash Ghai, we must let men like them know that their zamana of entitlement and privilege is over. It’s a call he couldn’t possibly have taken on his own, without the top honchos of the party putting pressure on him to do so without embarrassing himself or them any further. The women of India are claiming their place on equal terms. Despite the safety nets in place right now, it is doubtful any of these beautiful and highly successful ladies will divulge long buried secrets. Here is the toughest part — unless the men were indiscreet enough to proposition their targets by writing sexually explicit letters, chances are they will get away minus a scratch. They are the walking dead.

As participants and partners in a vibrant democratic process, their vote is invaluable. 97 lawyers? Against one woman? Someone, please remind Mr Akbar it’s too late for that. Watch that next step, mates!.Never before has there been such an avalanche of public sentiments on a topic that was “out of bounds” for decades if not centuries. He has denied all allegations and said boldly, “Lies do not have legs. The same media that reports extensively on crimes and misdemeanours of others, should take the lead in clearing up its own house first. At the time of writing, he had resigned as junior minister in the BJP Cabinet. This had to happen. Any political party that offends and hurts their hard-won dignity will pay a monumental price for such arrogance. Heads of TV channels being prime culprits. What is underway — a huge tidal wave of change — is far more important than the fate of the few who are wrongly condemned. Don’t waste your time and energy trying to push them back. But unable to carry the stories, without the mandatory “proof”. So be it.” They so do! Ironically, it appears that it is his lies that will catch up with him. If a few heads roll, the message will go out loud and clear. It is simply not worth it, in their book. His case may not possess legal legs, but surely there is something bigger known as moral responsibility — an idea that is alien to his political party. No, Sirs, the ladies you brazenly insulted and assaulted have no way to nail you in a court of law.Suffering in silence should never be a choice for anyone — man or woman.The red flags have been up for # years. This administration is not known for owning up and taking flak, regardless of the issue. My biggest concern as of now is about credibility issues. Will the pliant Bollywood press play ostrich and continue to write gushy pieces glorifying known sex offenders? Will at least a small percentage of the widespread exploitation be acknowledged and exposed? Will any of the top heroines share their early days and talk about what they endured at the hands of producers, directors and co-stars? No chance.Watching (and sometimes participating) in impassioned panel discussions on television, one thing is very clear: the sound barrier has been breached and women’s voices are being heard minus filters, possibly for the very first time in our patriarchal society. Since most editors of fanzines and popular Bollywood websites happen to be women, they need to scan their coverage of Bollywood more scrupulously. Their stories are shocking and tragic. Which is why it is important to encourage and applaud those who are speaking up and taking a strong position against sexual oppression. Just their word against the tormentor’s. Let me explain

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The nineties saw the emergence of a new order

So he does not get accolade by his wife for going to vote but gets reprimanded for teen log ek bike par, traffic rules kaun follow karega mister Thus, if one truly wants to build a revolution then one needs to cognise that desh ubal raha hai, soch badlo. This self-assured Indian could be a small-town Pujara or a Dilli wala Virat Kohli, they are ready for any challenge.Thus, whether it is the governance or the erstwhile marketer, the one who gets access to this revitalised Hindustani is the one who does not make paper promises of aap ke saath, aap ke liye but delivers the republican pledge that is of the people, by the people, for the people. So if the lady from Mumbai wins paanch crore at KBC we all celebrate with, kuch mitha ho jaye Whether it is Assam, Tamil Nadu, Kolkata or Punjab, young men on motorbikes, old ladies making rangolis or chhotu cleaning up at the dhaba, we all sing in unison, “you are my pumkin pumkin, hello hunny bunny”. Neena Sondhi is professor, marketing, International Management Institute, New Delhi.

The last three decades have given a new connotation to these principles. And this manus has woken up, which is why rather than use the money from a dropped wallet to party; he travels miles to return the lost wallet, by tracking the owner in a remote monastery with his Android Samsung. What a connection and what an idea sirji! One cannot but salute the force of the social media and the telecom service providers who have provided a medium for connecting and raising a unified voice. aur yeh jo public hai wo sab jantti hai, pahchanti hai.And the current decade marks the liberalisation of the aam aadmi, who is well and truly awake to the true meaning of his right to justice, equality and liberty. Desh smart ban raha hai bandhu! So whether it is the greedy netaji or the prospective bridegroom, this alert Indian does not need the Ceat radial tyres, as he definitely states na ji na, kahan rukna hai pata hai.

Yeh public hai babu . He is the innovative and experimental “Unstoppable Indian”.Prof. This new decisiveness is clear when one considers the new mindset that is analytical and valiant as he takes on politicians and Godmen to task for words and deeds that are against human and national sentiments. Thus, whether it is seeking justice for an unfortunate victim or as a nation taking a decision not to celebrate the New Year for a nameless, faceless young girl who is no more, this Indian is totally in harmony across class and creed for the Bharat ki beti. There was a new 18 till I die senior who was game for Make My Trip holidays and investment opportunities that let him go on a Singapore or a Goa trip. There are three nuances to this reflective Indian:Re-energised Indian: The new-age Indian could be living in any city of India but he is no longer the subjugated, humble soul of yesterday.Related Indian: Another peculiar phenomena of this 21st century Indian is that he has moved away from the larger family systems to nuclear units, but his bonding with his fellow compatriots is like the Fevicol ka jod, jo tutega nahin. The new-age GenY Indian was looking at off-beat pursuits as a wild life photographer rather than a staid IITian; His relationships had moved beyond family to FB friends, kyonki haar ek dost zaroori hota hai.It has been a long and an eventful 63-year-long journey since we became an independent republic promising liberty, equality, justice and fraternity. The millennium decade was marked by the liberalisation of the social fabric, where there were evolving roles and relationships.

The nineties saw the emergence of a new order and a liberalised and open economy, ready to take on the challenges of a global market place. Accountability and not acceptance is the new creed of Fuchsia Mink faux fur fabric the Indian republican as he demands this from his chosen representatives managing the governance of this great democratic country.Responsible Indian: This Indian is radically different in another sense. And it is not only the men, it is the “Woman of Attitude” who is also complementing with spunk, as she changes a flat tyre on a lonely terrain with ease and proclaims chalana hi nahin sambhalana bhi jantti hai. If yesterday was about waking up the corrupt politicians and official babus with a series of jago re campaign. This jagruk is also looking inwards and believes that the chhoti pattiyan of the Tata tea is to do the chhote kaam. As he stands upright and fearless, you can’t help but exclaim — ziddi hai toofan hai, dil mein Hindustan hai, yeh zid isse bahut door le jayegi

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